Tim Draper backed crypto collateral trading platform Dsdaq partnered with NEST Protocol

  • As the world’s first crypto collateral trading platform, Dsdaq just announced a new partnership with NEST Protocol.
  • NEST protocol is a distributed price oracle network that solves the problem of price on-chain through a decentralized incentive scheme.

Dsdaq is the world’s first crypto collateral trading platform. Users can use BTC, ETH and USDT to trade more than 300 assets like Tesla, Gold, Oil and Nasdaq 100 index.  As part of this integration, NEST Protocol would provide a reliable and transparent price feed for calculating the value of collaterals. In addition, NEST Protocol price feeds will provide collateralization checks on margin trading.

The partnership includes three parts: technical integration, NEST Token listing and co-branding. For the technical integration, the price data of the NEST protocol oracle will be integrated into Dsdaq Ecosystem. The co-branding part includes AMA discussions, community building and media cooperation.

“The innovation of NEST Protocol is that every data point has been agreed upon by market validators, in line with the blockchain consensus mechanism. NEST Protocol synchronizes the off-chain price in a highly decentralized manner, creating real and valid price data on-chain. This is the unique differentiator between NEST Protocol and other price oracles,” said William, the fan of NEST Protocol.

“NEST Protocol is a rising star in the decentralized oracles sector. We believed a reliable oracle is the core of Defi. We will improve the price feed credibility and stability by integrating with NEST protocol. We January also consider adding tokenized asset price feed on NEST protocol in the future” said Edison, the COO of Dsdaq.

To provide traders a better and effective trading experience, Dsdaq also lower the crypto spot trading fee to 0.1% which is the lowest in the market, and it applies to every trader.

In terms of the DeFi product and ecosystem infrastructure, Dsdaq has issued Origin D token since launched in 2019, a decentralized token issued by Dsdaq platform on Ethereum network, with a total circulation of 1 billion. Dsdaq also lists other DeFi tokens including NEST, dForce and Chainlink. Traders can deposit and trade NEST/USDT,DF/USDT, LINK/USDT on Dsdaq.

About Dsdaq

Dsdaq app is world’s first trading app that allows users to trade both cryptos and conventional assets with one account in one app. Dsdaq is backed by Draper Dragon Fund, a Silicon Valley based VC associated with Tim Draper and Efftronics Asia, a Hong Kong family office.

Dsdaq is always committed to empower the new generation investors to take greater ownership in their financial future, with lower cost, higher efficiency and better experience.

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